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Murder She Said (1962)
Who's that in the frilly cap and apron, toting the tea tray? Not a pert French maid, but spinster sleuth Miss Marple in disguise. And it's not Darjeeling that's caught her interest - it's murder! British national treasure Margaret Rutherford makers her first appearance as the famed detective in this sly, engaging mystery based on Agatha Christie's 4:50 from Paddignton. Comfily ensconced in her railway carriage, Miss Marple sees a strangulation aboard a passing train, then follows a trail of baffling clues to a manor house inhabited by a quarrelsome family. There she takes a job as a domestic, discovers the strangled body... and is on the spot when the culprit strikes again. But no murderer is a match for Miss Marple.

Murder At The Gallop (1962)
"But he was murdered, wasn't he?" Dash it all, what a frightfully un-British comment to make at the reading of the will. But that's dotty Aunt Cora for you, Then a mysterious hand offs Aunt Cora, and suddenly the old girl's observation doesn't seem quite so dotty after all. Margaret Rutherford returns as amateur detective Miss Marple in a delightful whodunit based on Agatha Christie's "After The Funeral." This time she's joined by a perfect partner: the droll Robert Morley. Together they canter along a country lane, ankle across a dance floor, spark a genteel amour - and pursue an ingenious killer who thinks a world without Miss Marple would be a far, far better place! 

Murder Ahoy (1964)
Miss Marple navigates treacherous waters to catch a maritime killer! One of Britannia's ships is manned by a crew of delinquents trying to build new lives. But it's their old lives that figure in this cunning mystery: someone aboard ship wants to hone the ruffians' natural bent for crime, by turning them into expert thieves. And that someone will kill to keep the plot secret. Margaret Rutherford steers her third course as spinster sleuth Miss Marple, sailing full speed into mystery and mayhem on the high seas. And it isn't just her rapier-sharp mind that gets a workout. When her demise seems imminent, Miss Marple proves why she was Ladies' National Fencing Champion in 1931! A seagoing whodunit - with the spinster sleuth showing why she was Ladies National Fencing Champion of 1931!

Murder Most Foul (1964)
The Cosgood Players are knocking 'em dead. Literally. No matter what's on the playbill, the shabby repertory company seems to specialize in mysteries as members of the troupe shuffle off this mortal coil in alarmingly rapid succession. Luckily, the Players have a detective in the cast: their newest (if not quite ingenue) thespian, the redoubtable Miss Marple. Margaret Rutherford takes her final bow as Miss Marple in "Murder Most Foul," a mystery most fun inspired by Agatha Christie's Mrs. McGinty's Dead. Ron Moody costars in an ingenious baffler abounding in suspects, clues, and red herrings - all ending in the unmasking of the murdered during a performance. Curtain up!.


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