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Crossed Swords was an independent 1953 Italian production undertaken by Errol Flynn right after the termination of his contract with the studio. Released the following year, the costume adventure received poor reviews and distribution in the United States, and has since become the most difficult of all Flynn's adventure films to find. Curiously, while Flynn's voice can be heard on the English version soundtrack, co-star Gina Lollobrigida is dubbed, even though lip readers can clearly see that the actress was speaking English.

As for the film itself, it is a light-hearted attempt to rekindle the spirit of Flynn's Adventures of Don Juan from five years before. Once again Errol is a dashing adventurer/lothario making love to costumed ladies, this time in a 16th Century Italian boudoir, always ready to make a hasty window exit should their husbands return home. Alas, the film, by comparison, largely serves to remind one of just how clever and exciting the previous film had been.

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