SCALES OF JUSTICE: The Complete Series
SCALES OF JUSTICE: The Complete Series
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Televised as fillers, these 13 episodes were cinema second features running around 30 minutes each and are fun to watch. Created as a follow up to the very popular "Scotland Yard" series but while the latter was a pretty grim, strictly business look at crime, Scales of Justice sometimes went for the light-hearted. The episodes and mysteries are fun to watch such as the episode “The Haunted Man” in which an actor caught up in a jewelry store robbery is convinced the dead man is tracking him down. "Payment in Kind" was the last and really ended the series with a bang as director Peter Duffell and cinematographer Jimmy Harvey tried to experiment with a grittier subject and achieved psychological realism. A young wife becomes immersed in higher purchase debt until the collector suggests "payment in kind".

If you watched SCOTLAND YARD (also available from us), you will find this series enjoyable as well.

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